kelli webber


Hello! My name is Kelli Webber. I am a computer science major at University of Maryland with a strong interest in art and design. I have interned as a software developer for Eagle Technologies and worked as a computer science tutor for Coder Kids. I am in the QUEST honors program and I help run a sub-club of QUEST called Quest Creative. I like to spend my time sewing, scrapbooking, designing layouts, planning schedules, bike riding, and spending time with friends.


University of Maryland College Park, MD
Bachelor of Computer Science
Expected Graduation Date: May 2020


Student Member
Spring 2017 – Present

I am a member of the QUEST (Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams) Honors Program. An interdisciplinary program for business, computer science, and engineering students designed to teach teamwork, quality enhancement tools, consulting techniques, and public speaking. This program requires 3 courses and 2 electives.

I am a member of a smaller sub-club with Quest called Quest Creative in which I help create marketing material for QUEST, host community-wide craft events, lead field trips, and teach studio art skills to other members of Quest Creative.


Student Member
Aug 2016 – May 2018

I recently completed the 2-year DCC (Design Cultures and Creativity) Honors Program. This program is for students who are interested in the combination of art and technology. I took 4 courses for this program, the first was Introduction to Digital Cultures Creativity I, the second was Introduction to Time-Based Media, the third was Virtual Reality: Hyper-Reality and Relative Consciousness, and the fourth was Practicum in Digital Cultures and Creativity in which I co-created a webcomic.


Banneker Key Full Scholarship
Design, Cultures, and Creativity Honors Program Capstone Award

Computer Languages: Angular, C, D3.js, Java, Ruby, SQL, TypeScript
Adobe Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere


Software Developer Intern
May 2018 – Aug 2018

I was one of four software interns at Eagle Technologies. We created an application that visualized data from the 2017 Head Start Program Information Report (PIR) as an interactive heat map of the United States, the US territories, and Palau. We started with a complex excel sheet filled with survey data. We then inserted this data into a PostgreSQL database using Hibernate and Jersey. The application itself was created with Angular 5 and the D3.js library. It was turned from solely a web application to a web and mobile application for both Android and IOS with Apache Cordova. I spent most of my time working with D3.js and TypeScript to enhance the user experience of the interactive map.


Computer Science Tutor
Sep 2017 – Dec 2017

I was a tutor at Coder Kids, a computer science tutoring company. I tutored children aged 6 to 13 in small groups bi-weekly. The children would follow various online Coder Kids tutorials based on their skill level and interests that taught Scratch, Roblox, Python and Java Minecraft Coding, website creation, and app building. I would assist the children when they had questions and keep them focused and entertained by their work.


Headquarter Intern and Sales Associate
Jun 2016 – Aug 2016

I worked as an intern for the Hobo Bags Headquarters. Hobo Bags is a leather handbag and wallet company. I spent most of my time assisting a handbag designer by researching future trends, creating mood boards, and photographing sample bags. I also used a computer program that keeps inventory of the warehouse and tracks shipments. After interning with headquarters I worked as a sales associate in the flagship store.


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